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Responsive Web Design

Making Sure your Corporate Website works in the modern world 

In today’s market, where the thing that unites generations: the millennials, the gen-x’s and the gen-y’s are their love for smartphones.  Tugging along the little communication “gadgets” where ever they go.  The mobile phone has come a long way from only being used as a means of basic phone communications to its modern form that may be used for communications by voice, text/sms, apps, email, etc.

With this, and the development of the internet and wireless communications, gone are the days when only your pc, mac or laptop could access legibly any personal or corporate website on this planet.  With the much awaited upgrade of hypertext markup language (HTML) most website design now are available on several platforms available. Basic responsive websites can be viewed on 1) a smartphone 2) tablet 3) pc/mac or laptop.

If your company has had their corporate website done somewhere before 2008. Chances are your site would not be responsive.  Have no fear, most non-responsive websites can be converted to responsive ones. So, whether you are upgrading your corporate site or having a new one done,  it is always your God-given right to ask and require that your site be a responsive  one.


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